Benefits Of Sandalwood Incense and Essential Oils

Since the very beginning of the human race, the essential oil and burnt incense have played an important significance in the ceremonies of religious and cultural significance all over the world. In Western countries, these have been growing in popularity too. Incense can be found and essential oils in health-conscious and grocery food shops.


Essential oil of Sandalwood is derived by removing the Santalum tree's wood and has been proven to have many health benefits. The price of this oil is quite high which is why scented candles, as well as incense sticks, are frequently employed as alternatives that are less expensive.


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When you burn a candle made of sandalwood and infuse the air around you with a relaxing aroma that offers advantages similar to those offered by essential oils.


Sandalwood essential oil has numerous benefits. It eases nausea, gastritis, and boosts your production of stomach juices. It assists the body in removing any excess fluids. It triggers muscles to contract and increases the production of urine. Additionally, it has antiseptic qualities which can aid in the treatment of infections.
It's also a useful ingredient in many cosmetics since it aids in repairing dry and cracked skin.


For many years, people have thought of Sandalwood as an aphrodisiac therefore burning it is believed to create an atmosphere of romance.

Due to its preservative as well as antiseptic characteristics, Sandalwood is often used as an ingredient of importance in the production of soaps and other cosmetic creams.


One of the major components of Sandalwood is α-santalol. It gives Sandalwood its distinctive scent. It is believed to be a natural sedative, which is why it can help you sleep. Tannin is another ingredient in Sandalwood that reduces bleeding and tightens the loose tissue helps prevent infections and repairs damaged skin.

Ayurveda is one of the Indian ancient healing practices, also makes great use of Sandalwood. It is believed that burning incense sticks that have a Sandalwood scent release natural antiseptics and clean the air.

Because of its unique characteristics, inhaling sandalwood's scent can assist you in falling asleep more easily, ease stress and anxiety, and alleviate the mood. It can help reduce emotions of anger and irritability as well as increase compassion and openness and increase the benefits of meditation.

The scent of sandalwood is commonly utilized in conjunction with lavender or bergamot incenses for helping to relieve stress.

Other incenses made of wood that provide similar benefits to sandalwoods include cedar and frankincense. Both are calming, and they can also bring feelings of peace and tranquility.

As a type of essential oil Sandalwood is more costly, however, its benefits are indisputable. If you place some drops of it in hot water to bathe it may help with cracked or dry skin, while inhaling steam from the bath can be beneficial for your lung. It assists in drying out excessive mucus, coughs that are wet as well as easing diarrhea, bronchitis, and heads that are stuffed. If you add a few drops of Sandalwood essential oil into the lotion for your body you already use its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities can alleviate itchy skin and eruptions.

Sandalwood incense sticks are especially sought-after by those who make use of the benefits of Sandalwood fragrance to improve the effects of meditation or visualization. Even in the simplest of chores, this fragrance will make you be at peace and surround yourself with beautifulness.

If you are exercising or meditating take the time to light a candle on the incense sticks of sandalwood. When you breathe in its heavenly scent allow your mind to flow by the scent. Close your eyes, and after taking a few breaths, imagine that you're walking on an incline with a soft spring sun. Imagine that the scent originates from the trees that line your path. By using this simple and short exercise, you'll certainly enhance your exercise or meditation time more enjoyable.

It is also believed that the incense scent of Sandalwood stimulates the seventh Chakra that improves confidence and self-esteem. It also increases optimism, energy level, enthusiasm for life, and self-esteem.
To boost the healing properties of Sandalwood In order to increase the beneficial properties of Sandalwood, you can burn incense at full moons. This can also boost the spiritual energy of your home.

You could write a wish on a piece from sandalwood and then place it in an incense holder. The scent will enhance your meditation and help you realize the power that your desires can bring.

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