Top few benefits of burning white sage incense sticks

Are you intrigued by burning sage to improve the quality of air at home, enhance the health of your family, or decrease anxiety or depression? The herb sage (Salvia) is utilized for its spice as well as a method to boost health in traditional medical practices.

Golden White Sage has a long tradition of usage throughout Egyptian, Roman, and Greek medical practices, as being used it is used in Native American healing traditions. Sage is dried and burned as means to heal, safeguard from aging, improve wisdom, and improve the resistance to disease.

Benefits of Sage Supplements

The dried leaves of sage can be cooked with as an ingredient. Sage can also be consumed internally as a liquid spray or lozenge, capsule or tablet.
The phenolic components in sage can provide antioxidant benefits and help reduce the amount of free radicals. Rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid are two components in sage which are specifically linked to an antioxidant effect.
There are many claims of advantages to taking Sage internally. While there are some studies that supports these benefits however, it is still in the beginning further research is needed.


  • Helping to ease headaches and throat discomfort
  • Reduced oxidative stress within the body
  • Guarding against damage from free radicals
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Protection against viral and bacterial infections
  • Supporting digestion
  • Protection against loss of memory
  • Improving mood or reducing depression
  • Using Sage for Mental Health

In general, not enough research has been conducted regarding the benefits of sage and its potential mental health benefits. Based upon preliminary research it is possible to find evidence for the use of sage to improve mental health and mood.
A study in 2005 revealed that sage oil from common use improved cognition and memory (thinking capacity). Furthermore, increased doses were linked to improved mood, feeling calm and calm as well as content.

Benefits of Burning Golden White Sage

Burning White sage, sometimes referred to as smudging, is the process of burning sage leaves, and let the smoke purify the air around your home. The reason for burning sage is different from the motives behind taking it internally.

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The quality of air in the area could be a cause of various ailments. This is why burning sage can be seen as an effective and cost-effective method to clean the air. It is because sage believed to possess antimicrobial properties that aid in killing viruses, bacteria, and the fungi.

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