benefits of using palo santo incense sticks at your home

Palo Santo, which means "Holy Wood Palo Santo, which translates to 'Holy Wood' in Spanish It is a mysterious tree that is found along the coasts in South America and some parts of Central America. Its refreshing citrusy, musky scent is a must-have scent for anyone who is Smudging. As we discussed in our earlier blog post on White Sage, Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice that involves you cleansing yourself and your surroundings of negative energy through burning a piece or a bundle of Palo Santo or a bundle of White Sage.

The advantages associated with Palo Santo can be experienced in many forms like wood, essential oil, or incense stick. In the end, Palo Santo wood is more useful if it is made to decay naturally and then decomposed over a period of 4 to 5 years. This allows the oil contained in the wood to develop before it's taken for the making of incense sticks as well as essential oils.

In the past, Palo Santo was used by Shamans and healers to cleanse the air and purify negative energy. The pleasant aroma of Palo Santo aids you to relax and increases your creativity. If used for therapeutic purposes it is an effective treatment against common colds and flu.

Let's explore the benefits one by one in more detail.

1. Spiritual Cleaning

The most important advantage comes from Palo Santo's capacity to cleanse living beings, locations, and objects of negative energy. The high amount of resin contained in Palo Santo wood makes it an efficient purifier of air. The indigenous cultures of South America claim that of all the plants that have been that are used in cleansing, Palo Santo is the most efficient and powerful. This is why the majority of Shamans utilize it to cleanse negative energies and to ward off evil spirits.

2. Natural Healing

Palo Santo has been found extremely efficient against common colds and flu. It also has been found for its ability to relieve depression, stress, anxiety as well as asthma or chronic migraines. When it is in the form of essential oils, it can be used for massage therapy and provide relief from stomachaches and arthritis.

Palo Santo tea assists in reducing inflammation and discomfort and is used as an effective natural digestive aid. Also, it is known for its high content of a chemical called d-limonene. This compound is a preventative aid against a variety of cancers.

3. Reduce Stress and relax

The pleasant and relaxing aroma that comes from Palo Santo has a calming effect and can trigger an energy boost and improve mood. Inhaling the scent flows through the olfactory pathway of the brain which triggers a relaxing reaction that is released by the body. It also helps combat sleep disorders. Additionally, it is an effective mosquito and insect repellent.

Palo Santo is slowly and gradually becoming the go-to for the community to get rid of negative thoughts. In addition to being a medicine, it's also becoming popular for its ability to be a focus and creativity boost. As we mentioned earlier it is available in many forms, but it is sold on the market mostly as incense sticks and wood.

Where can I buy Palo Santo Incense Stick?

After having discovered the many advantages of Palo Santo and its numerous benefits, the popularity of its product continues to increase in the market for incense. It has also led to a fake product market. It is extremely difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake ones. Therefore, it is advised to buy the product from a trustworthy and well-known business like Hem Incense.

Vijayshree Golden Palo Santo incense sticks are made from pure ingredients for a superior scent. Since they are 100 100% natural and hand-rolled the incense stick is a favored option among yoga and meditation centers. It serves as a potent stimulant for intense concentration and increases faith and confidence.

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